École des Bio-Industries


Back to school January 2024

Don’t lose 1 year: reorient yourself!

EBI offers 2 of its post-baccalaureate programs on a staggered start date:

This staggered start to the academic year is designed to enable students who so wish to reorient their studies during the course of the year, without waiting for the start of the new academic year in September. They join the original class and validate all or part of the courses thanks to the equivalence of their 1st semester in higher education. In this way, they continue their studies by joining the 2nd year classes without having lost 1 year.


Target audience :

These programs are aimed at holders of a French Bac Général, with two scientific specialties (Maths, Physics-Chemistry, SVT) or a Bac STL and already committed to a first semester in higher education in Biology.


Applications are made entirely online via
Puissance Alpha’s Admissions Rebond
– January intake. Admission is by application and interview.

+ More information on post-bac reorientation