École des Bio-Industries


Sensorial panel

The EBI is a biology school recognized for its expertise in sensory analysis applied to cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical products. Its laboratories house 2 equipped rooms and its research is supported by a panel of 200 specialists trained or experts in the measurement of the perception of textures, smells and flavours.

As an international reference in the field of sensory evaluation of non-food products, the EBI Panel is particularly interested in the impact of the formula on the acceptability of medicines or the preference of cosmetics and perfumery products.

Sensation, perception, emotion, innovation

If sensation refers to the processes by which physiological stimuli provoke a specific response inducing perception, the latter represents a complex psychological operation by which the subject forms a representation of his sensory experience. Between the two, emotion constitutes a set of rapid neuronal phenomena, most of which are non-conscious, integrating and modulating sensory elements to participate in the final perceptual construction of the subject’s conscious experience. It is the good understanding of these different processes, their specificities and their complementarity that allows us to understand the consumer/user/patient experience in its entirety, and thus to promote effective and relevant innovation.

Touch and smell

A room of 12 booths allows the sensory evaluation of textures and smells:

  • development of sensory methods adapted to the sensory enhancement of the touch of products,
  • implementation of stability monitoring tests, particularly in the event of bad odours,
  • design of reference systems specific to product universes.


A room of 10 booths dedicated to the study of the influence of ingredients on the texture or taste of drugs and food supplements, under controlled environmental conditions

200 trained panelists

Students are introduced to sensory evaluation in the first year of the engineering cycle, then perfect their skills in the second year. Some are certified panel leaders, responsible for recruiting and supervising panelists, leading the sessions and processing the results.

Business software

Questionnaire design, data entry and results analysis are facilitated by the use of industry-specific software (e.g. Tastelweb).

EBITouch kit

A reference solution in texture analysis developed by EBI, the EBITouch® KIT includes 21 standard products, exclusive formulations or classic references selected for their sensory properties. It allows to evaluate 13 descriptors, defined according to 4 temporal stages of use of cosmetic products: discovery, handling, application and after 1 minute.