École des Bio-Industries


Recruiting a graduate

The engineers and bachelors in biology who graduate from the EBI have built their career on the three pillars of Engineering, Biology and Industry. They are highly valued for their cooperative spirit and their ability to integrate quickly into any organization.

Career Services

EBI offers career services to facilitate the recruitment of EBIsts: two web platforms for the distribution of advertisements targeted at young graduates or experienced professionals, an annual EBIconnect business forum to meet students from the graduating class, professional meetings, etc.

Submit an offer for a young graduate

Thanks to the EBIjobs online platform, you benefit from a maximum of visibility with our young graduates and you have the possibility of accessing a follow-up report on applications. How to proceed? It’s very simple, thanks to this link
link, create your account and publish your job offer independently. Let us guide you!

Submit an offer experienced graduate

Thanks to the EBI Alumni website, you benefit from maximum visibility within our network of qualified experienced profiles. How to proceed? It is very simple, thanks to
This link EBI Alumni
You create your profile and publish your offer directly on the platform, in autonomy. Let us guide you!

Participate in the EBIconnect® company forum

Every year, the EBIconnect® company forum brings together the players in the bio-industry around the professions practiced by EBI engineers. Take the opportunity to meet the students of the graduating class!

Organize your dedicated recruitment event

Upon request (and estimate), we create the targeted professional event tailored to your talent recruitment objectives.