École des Bio-Industries


Testimonials from mobile students

In our school of biology, our students travel the world through :

  • a compulsory internship in a company or university of at least two months
  • a compulsory one-month stay with the writing of a report of astonishment
  • one or two semesters of study at a foreign university
  • a year off to travel and live your dreams

Discover another culture

Immersion in a country, away from one’s French surroundings, is the important key to progressing to the ‘Current Level’ successfully. But the major asset of an international stay is the discovery of a new culture with its traditions, its food. And if you travel throughout your stay, you will be overwhelmed by the magnificent landscapes.

Oriane Georges, 2017 graduate

I did my first year of biology engineering in Thailand; my first steps, but not my last, in Asia… This year completely changed my vision of the world: I learned English, a new culture, and discovered a new continent. I came back with the travel bug. After my second year of engineering, I went on a gap year to travel in South America, Oceania and with a small detour to Asia. In my last year at EBI, I did my final internship in Laos. I have gained confidence, autonomy, patience and adaptability through my expeditions.

Claire Jaboulet, graduating in 2023

The university has set up a buddy program: each foreign student is matched with a Korean student. He has to write a report about what you did together. I really enjoyed this program because it allowed me to make my first Korean friend.

The university also has a program that allows foreign students to teach ‘Conversational English’ to Korean students. This allows us to earn some money and also to meet Korean people. The atmosphere is very friendly as we can organize the sessions when and where we want.

Elise Hamel and Noémie Belthé, graduates in 2023

In Seville, life goes at a hundred miles an hour. It is a beautiful city, very rich in history, culture and architecture. The Sevillians are very welcoming but above all very festive! The university is huge, with large green spaces that make it a very pleasant place. The region of Andalusia is culturally rich and full of magical places to visit.

We have created real friendships with Erasmus students from all over Europe: Germans, Italians, Belgians, as well as Sevillians of course! So we speak a lot of Spanish AND ENGLISH. We don’t regret leaving at all, it’s certainly the most beautiful experience of our lives.

Auriane Feret, graduate in 2022

This year spent in Australia has been incredible and unforgettable. First of all, I discovered the life in total autonomy, (very) far from my relatives. It may sound scary but it was a rich learning experience that really helped me grow. I was able to discover another culture, another way of teaching, working, and above all another mentality, Australians being very generous and approaching life in a more relaxed way! Finally, this country blew me away with its rich landscapes, its fauna and its very pleasant climate all year round (minimum 12°C in winter). I was able to make a great number of trips and explorations of all kinds which all enchanted me more than the others!

Mathis Mei, graduating in 2022

I was lucky enough to be able to go to Mahidol University in Thailand in the 1st year of the biology engineering program, and it was the best year of my life.

I advise all students in the preparatory cycle to give themselves the means to carry out an academic departure abroad, you will come out of it more autonomous and with memories that you will never forget!