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EBI laboratories

The scientific activities of our teacher-researchers, students, interns and doctoral students are carried out in the 11 laboratories of our school of engineers in biology, throughout the year. Industrial contracts and innovation projects are developed by the EBInnov® research unit.

11 laboratories and state-of-the-art equipment available to students

The EBI has 11 laboratories within its school of biology. Used by the institution’s teacher-researchers, they are also used as part of the educational system of all biology training courses at the EBI. Students therefore follow practical work there and can also use them in the context of their projects, both academic and personal or professional.

Equipped with dedicated state-of-the-art equipment, these laboratories are one of the strengths of the EBI and offer students an idyllic setting in which to train in the best possible way and in the best conditions.

Cell Culture Laboratory

A culture room (P2) dedicated to objectivation and toxicological studies using cell models: culture of fibroblasts, stem cells, osteoblasts, three-dimensional culture, on materials. It is equipped with an inverted and fluorescent microscope, and a gel reader.

Molecular Biology Laboratory

Students learn the production processes of recombinant proteins: gene synthesis, molecular cloning, production in different heterologous expression systems (Erlenmeyer and fermenter scales), implementation of purification methods and activity tests, optimization of production and purification They also work on molecular diagnostic methods (functional genomics).

Microbiology laboratory

It is a P2 unit, close to the industrial world, dedicated to research and evaluation of the activity of preservative systems, biocides and antimicrobial materials on aerobic and anaerobic germs, with anaerobic chamber.

This is the opportunity for students to observe a professional research process and to rub shoulders with professionals while taking stock of their challenges on a daily basis.

Formulation laboratory

This platform is organized for the development, stability monitoring and scaling of liquid and semi-solid forms, with turbine and rotor-stator mixers. The students do their practical work there, but also develop their 4th year project of the Biological Engineer course. Companies can create their own products there.

Process Laboratory

The laboratory allows the development, monitoring and optimization of processes and bio-processes: production of stable emulsions on a pilot scale, Liquid-Liquid extraction of molecules of interest on a pilot scale, drying (atomization / lyophilization), bio -production of proteins of interest by fermentation, distillation, ultrafiltration and heat exchangers.

Analytical laboratory

This physico-chemical analysis platform characterizes the texture (hardness, crispness, etc.), studies the viscosity and rheology of solid products and emulsions, analyzes the particle size by laser beam diffraction, analyzes and quantifies by HPLC or CPG, measurement structural evolution by thermal and calorific analysis, studies the stability of emulsions, characterized by fluorimetry, visible spectrophotometry, UV and IR.

Texture and olfactory panel

It is a room with 12 cabins devoted to studies of the touch and smell of non-food products. Our volunteer students form a panel of 200 trained panelists or experts who work on contracts offered by cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies and industries.

Taste panel

It is a room with 10 cabins dedicated to taste studies for the pharmaceutical and food industry. Our volunteer students form a panel of 200 trained panelists or experts who work on contracts offered by companies.