École des Bio-Industries

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Teaching team

The EBI, a school of engineering in biology, has a strong teaching team, consisting of 31 permanent teachers and more than 150 external contributors. It is completed by 16 administrative staff who ensure the best possible support to our students.

Teachers who listen to students

One of the signatures of the EBI is the ability to create an individualized pathway for each student. To this end, all students are tutored by the permanent teachers at our biology school. It facilitates exchanges and the definition of the student’s professional project. The tutor is present at the student’s request to advise on the choice of majors or minors according to the student’s ambitions.

Batiment EBI 2023

Our permanent teachers

Dr Clémence BERNARD, General Manager, Professor of Bioprocesses

Linda AIT-TAHAR, Professor of Process and Bioprocess Engineering

Dr Rabah AZOUANI, HDR, Professor of Industrial Processes

Dr Soufiane BAKRI-ALAOUI, Professor of Process and Bioprocess Engineering

Dr Amina BEN ABLA, Professor of Biochemistry

Guilhem BOEUF, research and teaching engineer in Molecular Biology

Dr Romain CODUR, Professor of Physics, Fluid Dynamics and Modeling

Dr Hélène DI MARTINO, Professor of Biotechnology

Photo Florence Dufour

Dr Florence DUFOUR, Founder of EBI, Professor of Quality Management

Dr Jad EID, Professor of Chemistry

Dr Nathalie GUILBERT, Professor of Bioprocessing

Dr Delphine HERMOUET, Professor of Career Management

Dr Sylvia IMBART, Professor of Immunology

Dr Samar ISSA, HDR, Professor of Pharmacology

Dr David JUNG, Professor of Chemistry

Sandra KIROLLOS, English teacher

Marjorie LASSALLE, Formulation research and teaching engineer

Dr Marc LAVARDE, Professor of Applied Mathematics

Dr Phuong LE, Professor of Bioinformatics

Dr Valérie LION, Professor of Chemistry

Dr Hassan MAATOUK, Professor of Applied Mathematics and Modelling

Dr Stéphane MARCHANDON, Professor of Physics

Dr Sylvain MARLARD, Professor of Biotechnology, Biological Engineering and Industrial Quality

Dr Christine MIELCAREK, Professor of Microbiology

Dr Houda MORAKCHI-GOUDJIL, Professor of Bioinformatics

Dr Chrystel NEFF, Professor of Chemistry

Anne ROYNETTE, Technical Assistant in Microbiology

Dr Saad SABA, Professor of Biotechnology

Laurence TAUPIN, Marketing teacher and Entrepreneurship referent

Selcan TOKGOZ, Professor of Galenics and Eco-design

Elodie WALLON, Sensory Analysis Research Engineer