École des Bio-Industries


Welcome to the EBI

Since its foundation in 1992, The EBI, as aengineering school in biology, has placed life at the heart of its training, to take up the challenge of innovating for health, well-being, safety, the environment and utility, but also to assert a new way of acting in business thanks to 7 values applied to daily life : trust, honesty, responsibility, commitment, cooperation, creativity, optimism.

More than an engineering school in biology: an inclusive and responsible project every day

“With the strength of its eco-responsible campus, hailed as an asset by the CTI and the HCERES, and As a member of a Technoparc in the heart of the city, close to Cergy’s Plaine des Sports, EBI aims to be inclusive: an incubator for talent and a crucible for open innovation with economic players, opening up its programs to local employees and residents.

The EBI gives everyone a generalist education, based on transversality and cooperation rather than competition, which covers four sciences and provides an artistic, linguistic, international and cultural plus. It offers its students an efficient and subtle pathway, which adds a personal, intercultural and emotional dimension to scientific and industrial competence, and allows for numerous elective course choices on a solid core curriculum. The understanding of biological mechanisms, a pillar of our training, is applied in an eco-responsible manner by our graduates in all engineering professions, from research to production, from innovation to marketing.

Theability to make a difference is equipped by systematic training in entrepreneurship and innovation through the realization of projects using collective intelligence and complementary skills, and which benefit from incubation in the StarLabs business incubator. Thanks to their scientific and human skills, 3% of our alumni have set up their own business, which is double the national average, and the first class to graduate in 1995 had 20% of its members as managers!

Whether in class or in a distance learning environment, the students of the integrated biology preparatory course are in daily contact with the engineering students, which gives them structure and motivation for their studies, but also many opportunities to get involved. General culture and language practice are supported by the à la carte programmes Babel and Agora. Each graduate spends an average of one semester abroad and studies in English during the first year of engineering, alongside international students who are hosted for the year. Artistic practice is encouraged, eighteen associations (dance, theater, music, cinema…), assisted by qualified professionals, allow each one to express himself and to know how to go on stage well before receiving his diploma. Supported by their teachers, tutors and graduate coaches, each student gains confidence in their abilities during the course of their studies, leads and presents their innovations to juries of professionals, while spending an average of one year in a company before graduating. The result is there.

Strongly committed since its creation to continuous improvement at the heart of the “Grandes Ecoles” conference, EBI has been awarded the Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility label, and is ISO9001 certified.
It is ranked among the top French biology engineering schools for its placement in industry (92%), particularly in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors, and for its training in innovation and entrepreneurship. Its technological research takes place in theEBInnov® research unit on two axes: galenics and biotechs. From the 1000 m² high-tech technical platform, researchers and students work together and collaborate with several laboratories and thematic networks including Cosmetomics®, and EUPFI for the acceptability of pediatric and senior drugs.

The EBI was the first French engineering school to banish all forms of classification in order to forge graduates who know how to cooperate and take up challenges, to live the EBIsts’ motto: Combine passion and career. Recruiters sometimes tell us that they have genius… We simply know that the skills of creative engineering and logistical engineering allow them to invent, for each of us and around the world, new ways of living.”

Clémence Bernard,
General Manager, EBI

Photo Clémence Bernard EBI