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Admissions and partner networks

International students are admitted on the basis of their applications for academic exchanges lasting one or two semesters. In this context, the file is managed by the partner universities. An application must be submitted and an interview must be held in front of a jury for the biology engineering degree and the Specialized Masters. All students must have a B2 level in French to be admitted to the school.

Campus France

Campus France supports international students who wish to study in France. The EBI examines the applications made on the Campus France platform and sends the applications to the students with the appropriate profile for the chosen studies (Biology Engineering or Specialized Masters). After acceptance of the application to the EBI, the international student will be accompanied by Campus France to help him/her obtain his/her student visa.

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from September to January
Fall Semester
from February to June
Spring Semester

#EBIste words

But when I arrived, I was really surprised: everyone already knew me! Everyone was happy to see me! First I met Mrs. Gibbs, who was delighted to receive me and offered her help right away.

Maria Llorens

eg@ Competition

The eg@ competition recruits students with a good scientific level. Each year, the EBI admits 5 to 10 African students to its biology engineering school program. They must have completed their second year of post-baccalaureate studies (BCPST2, DUT, BTS, L2, etc.) in the disciplines of biology and biochemistry and have passed the tests of the eg@ competition.

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n+i is our partner to apply for the 2nd year of the engineering cycle. The international student will follow the EBI courses for two years before obtaining the engineering degree, Master degree.