École des Bio-Industries


Studying at EBI

Studying at a biology engineering school like EBI is a subtle journey with a personal, intercultural and emotional dimension. Artistic practice is encouraged, twenty associations (dance, theatre, music, cinema…), assisted by qualified professionals, allow each one to express himself and to know how to go on stage well before receiving his diploma. Our graduates know how to cooperate, how to use their talents to meet any challenge, and how to live the EBIsts’ motto:
Combine passion and career

A quality student life

At the heart of the Horloge business park, which brings together nearly 200 companies, the campus of our biology engineering school benefits from a professional and functional environment thanks to its rapidly changing infrastructure: easy access (public transport, carpooling), multiple activities ranging from culture to sports.

Inaugurated in 2016, this campus, accessible to people with disabilities, was designed to professionalize our future engineers with adapted work and creative spaces:

  • active teaching with its lecture theatres, classrooms, rooms on demand and project rooms
  • educational experiments, development and validation of new concepts with its 11 laboratories (chemistry, general biology, molecular biology, microbiology, formulation, analytical, production) and its 2 sensory analysis panels
  • student life and community life with its cafeterias, rehearsal room and lounge, the heart of the building

The exteriors

The EBI is located in the heart of the “Parc d’Activité de l’Horloge” and on the edge of the “Coulée Verte”, a 4 km long protected natural site, which runs from the banks of the Oise to the edge of the Liesse valley. The green corridor offers many walks and, for the more sporty, the leisure island of Cergy, will satisfy all their desires.

The green spaces also offer picnic tables, benches, protected smoking areas and a table tennis area! On sunny days, students take a sunny break between classes.

The lounge

A lounge of more than 150 m² is the real place of life, meetings and work, with a quieter space favourable to revisions. This modular space also allows us to organize student events, to hold artists’ exhibitions and to meet our companies and partners, during structuring events, such as the EBIconnect Forum, the EBI Scientific Day or the Sensory Challenge Competition

The student cafeteria

The student cafeteria is dedicated to the catering of our students. It can accommodate more than 150 students simultaneously. The lounge area is also open to students for lunch.

The cafeteria has water fountains, microwaves and vending machines for salads, sandwiches and other small snacks.

To vary the menus, various student associations offer sales during the week to satisfy the appetites of the most gourmands.

The Prestige Amphitheatre

The EBI has three amphitheatres with a total of 550 seats.

The “Prestige” amphitheatre, a conference venue for partner companies, is also used for internal events and for teaching our students in lectures.

Computer rooms

With a computer park equipped with state-of-the-art computers and adapted software, EBIstes can carry out all their projects.

The computer rooms are used for courses and some exams and are otherwise freely accessible. One of the three computer rooms is open daily from 8am to 10pm.

All classrooms are also equipped with a computer and a projection system for teamwork.

The classrooms

The school has many classrooms that can be used according to the number of students in each class.

All these rooms are bright and very well equipped, with classic boards but also with a computer and a projection system, in order to have a dynamic teaching and a better interaction with the students.

The rooms on demand

The rooms at the request of the EBI are rooms that can be fitted out according to the courses, with adapted and modular furniture.

These rooms are used extensively for tutorials and language classes, allowing teachers to implement innovative teaching methods in small working groups.