École des Bio-Industries


EBInnov® Biotechnology

Bioproduction, characterization and development of active molecules, adjuvants and materials with functional and therapeutic properties

Bioproduction, bioresources and bioactivities

EBInnov® Biotechnology has the capacity to produce and extract biomolecules and to evaluate their biological properties.

Key expertise : bioprocessing, fermentation, extraction and purification, analytics, genetic and enzymatic engineering, microbiology, bioactivities, cytocompatibility, cytotoxicity


Development and modelling of new bioproduction, biotransformation and extraction processes for biomolecules: biopolymers, recombinant proteins, secondary metabolites.

Objectification of biological activities

Cell and tissue models, microbiological testing, biochemical activities, cosmetic actives, biomaterials, enzyme immobilization, development and evaluation of new microbicidal agents and materials

Key projects

EBIOcide: synthesis of activated metal nanoparticles with antimicrobial activity, academic partnership

EBIOMat: design of intelligent biomaterials using recombinant proteins

EBIOzyme: development of enzymatic bioreactors for the treatment of textile effluents

Matrimer: composite formulation comprising pro-regenerative biotechnological adjuvants and bone substitutes