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The EBI seeks to awaken a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among EBIsts. Awareness actions, training, projects, promotion of the National Student Entrepreneur Status, participation in student innovation competitions are very professionalizing and formative for future entrepreneurs. This strategy is bearing fruit: more than 2% of EBIsts have created their own business.

Entrepreneurship Concepts Challenge the marketing and business creation event

EBI’s pedagogy encourages the emergence of innovative projects throughout the curriculum, capitalizing on the acquisition of technical, project management and management skills.

Each year, 12 groups of 4th year engineers (over 180 students) experiment with entrepreneurship and propose an innovative product or service concept combining scientific knowledge, marketing and business strategy. Each group pitches its project in front of a jury of professionals from industry, services or higher education, with the ambition of creating its start-up.

The “Concepts of Entrepreneurship” Challenge represents a real challenge for the whole class: acquiring new business-oriented knowledge, meeting professionals in the field, developing soft skills and surpassing oneself. A great unifying moment in the life of EBIsts!

>>> the next “Concepts Entrepreneurship” Challenge will take place on Friday January 12, 2023 at the Medef auditorium in Paris.

More than 70 projects created every year by our engineering students

6 Themes Projects

  • Food
  • Cosmetic
  • Environment
  • Human and animal health
  • Science for people
  • Road safety

Thanks to our historical sponsors BNP PARIBAS and ROTARY CLUB.

6 entrepreneurial skills

  • Marketing
  • Ideation and creativity
  • Financing
  • Business plan
  • Intellectual Property
  • Project management




Eco-responsible car accessory to prevent accidents with other vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians when opening driver and passenger doors.

1st prize in the Road Safety 2023 innovation challenge



A range of cosmeto-textiles whose flagship product is a stump cap.

1st prize Innovative concept U'Cosmetics 2023 for the second year running

u cosmetics


Post-tattoo care kit with "second skin" effect, composed of a moisturizing gel and a fixing spray.

U'Cosmetics 2022 Innovative Concept Award

petit bezhin

The Little Bezhin

A vegan alternative to cheese made from fermented microalgae juice, a superfood rich in protein, carbohydrates, essential amino acids and trace elements, allergen-free, and tasty

No. 1 FooTech Challenge 2022

projet docycl


Sound strips to slow down cyclists and motorized personal transport device (MPD) users at intersections with bike lanes, to alert pedestrians.

2nd prize in the Road Safety Innovation Challenge 2022 1st prize of the Grand Oral 2022

ugia cosmetics


Solid cosmetics for patients.

No. 2 Enactus 2022 "Innovating for ageing well" award



Gluten-free fresh pasta made with fruit flour (banana, plantain, chestnut and apple) stuffed with tomatoes and mozzarella.

N°1 Pépite Ile de France 2021 - N°2 Coop2Boost 2021 - Finalist Ecotrophélia 2021



Eco-responsible road salt produced from agro-industrial waste, used as an alternative to road salt.

1st Prize Road Safety Innovation Challenge 2020 Enactus 2021 finalist


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