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Route 1 Bachelor Biotech Engineering: Industrial production

The production technician is involved in the improvement of industrial processes. He monitors production in conjunction with the quality department and team leaders: conducting manufacturing operations in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and the food industry.

The organization of the courses

Teaching is organized in teaching units (UE), and the necessary subjects are grouped in each UE in the form of constituent elements of teaching unit (ECUE) in order to allow a coherent and harmonious progression of learning. Each of the 4 semesters is independent of the others and includes courses over 14 weeks. During the 2nd year, a 16-week internship will be carried out, supplemented by the 24-week end-of-study internship.

Semesters 1 and 2

They address the basic essentials in terms of prerequisites for access to the Industrial Production course

Fundamental courses

  • Biology
  • Chemistry and biochemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Physical
  • Computer science
  • Company knowledge
  • Languages ​​and international

Semesters 3, 4 and 5

They are devoted to the acquisition of professional skills and know-how, for a total of 90 ECTS

Specific lessons

  • Production management and optimization (Lean Manufacturing)
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Industrial unit operations
  • Biological reactors and bioprocesses
  • Bioproduct stabilization, separations and purification processes
  • Automatic regulation and industrial IT
  • 16 week internship

Annual calendar

from September to August
Common core
from September to August
1st and 2nd year
from September to January
from February to July
Internship at the end of my school program
3rd year




Our Babel center offers 7 opening language courses with 3 possible levels: Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic. Each student must follow 1 different language per semester. The lessons are given by speakers in their mother tongue.


International stay

It takes place at the end of the first year of the Bachelor course. The purpose of this stay, which is compulsory to receive the diploma, is to open up students to the international and intercultural aspects and prepare for the challenges of the internationalization of professions and businesses. It is recommended to do it in a non-French speaking country.


Production technician

It is associated with the improvement of industrial processes:
- He ensures the implementation and monitoring of production with team leaders
- He participates in the industrialization and validation process
- It optimizes lines and cost control


Degree obtained

The Biotech Engineering Bachelor degree gives rise to the Bachelor Degree