École des Bio-Industries


Fees and financing of studies

The EBI is a non-profit association (Law 1901) and a private technical college. With the “Taxe d’Apprentissage” and state subsidies, the school partly self-finances the overall cost of tuition to reduce the amount of fees paid by the student.

Tuition fees

* As an indication, you will find the tuition fees for 2023/2024 in the table on the left. These rates change every year, and are generally set in July.

Tuition fees can be paid by monthly bank transfer at no extra charge. This amount includes all educational services (including photocopies), computer access, sports and social security coverage for work-related accidents. Students are responsible for the CVEC, a possible student health insurance and personal documentation.


Higher education grant (CROUS)

The EBI is a state-recognized school and is therefore authorized to receive students with CROUS scholarships. Applications are made to the CROUS de Versailles (www.crous-versailles.fr), via the dossier social étudiant (DSE), between January 15 and May 31.

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ebi et l'handicap

Scholarships for students with disabilities

The 100% Handinamique Federation offers scholarships to young students with disabilities attending school in France from their final year of high school onwards. Their aim is to support the training pathways of young people who are unable to find financing solutions to compensate for the needs linked to their situation.

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Mobility grants

• Île-de-France Mobility Grant: the Region provides financial assistance to students from the Paris region for their mobility stays abroad.
• Erasmus + grant

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Social Fund

The school has set up a social fund to allow students with scholarships, if they so wish, to apply for an honorary loan, at a zero interest rate, repayable from the moment they enter working life. International mobility assistance is available through the social fund (subject to family income).

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Bank loans

EBI works with three banks, Caisse d’Epargne, BNP Paribas and Société Générale de Cergy, which offer you attractive rates. These loans also help cover the costs of student life. The student repays the loan when he or she enters the workforce.

Admissions MARPC

Company assignments

• Contrat de professionnalisation (professionalization contract): The student is an employee of a company and is paid for the duration of the contract. The company pays tuition directly to the school
• Internships: Internships are a compulsory part of the curriculum. They help pay off part of the tuition fees


Housing supplement

The housing supplement for students with a scholarship from level 2 who have to live in Cergy due to the distance of their family can be granted by the EBI Social Fund upon request of the student. The amount varies between €500 and €1,500.