École des Bio-Industries


Recruiting an intern/work-study student

At EBI, students become professional thanks to integrated projects and numerous experiences in companies: 2 internships for bachelors, up to 5 internships for engineering students in biology.

A progressive professionalization

  • Engineering students: From the 1st to the 2nd year of post-baccalaureate studies in biology, companies integrate students into their operational teams in technician or operator positions. The 3rd year internship introduces students to the fundamentals of the research profession. From the 4th to the 5th year, students are challenged through high value-added internships. Depending on the company’s needs, the end-of-studies engineering internship can also be integrated into a professionalization contract.
  • Bachelors students: Companies offer them positions at the operator or technician level.

Biology engineering course

  • 1st year: 1 to 3 month summer internship, technician or operator level
  • 2nd year: 1 to 3 month summer internship, technician or operator level
  • 3rd year: 1 to 3 month summer internship, introduction to research careers
  • 4th year: 1 to 3 month summer internship, contribution to an engineering project
  • 5th year: end-of-studies internship, 6 months from February to August, management of an engineering-level project contributing to the company’s change
  • Students on professionalization contracts alternate classes and periods in companies, for longer projects of up to 9 months.

Bachelor biology

  • 2nd year: compulsory internship, 4 months from November to February, operator or technician level
  • 3rd year: compulsory internship, 5 and a half months from February to September, technician level

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