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The associative life of the EBI

At the heart of our biology engineering school, community life is in full swing: its great diversity offers everyone the opportunity to find their place, develop their creative potential and experience a team project. The EBI is strong of its 18 associations, so many possibilities to share or discover talents, and to grow with new responsibilities.

The Students' Office

The role of the BDE is to create events, in addition to all the other associations, in order to make the school live and progress. Throughout the year, we organize inter-promotional cups, shows to present the other associations, the talent exchange, the graduation ceremony for 5th year students, trips and many other surprises. But the BDE also organizes parties between EBIstes and with other schools in Cergy. The associative life at EBI is very important and everyone can get involved in many associations in different fields: sports, arts, oenology, cinema, humanitarian, social entrepreneurship, gala, etc.



#EBIste words

Being president of the BDE has taught me how to manage a budget and how to lead a team in good and bad times. You have to listen to each member, support their ideas and find solutions when things don't work the way you want them to.
Lucille Benoit, 2019 graduate

A wide variety of associations

Being part of an association allows you to learn to work in a team, to be creative and to lead a project from its conception to its completion.

Nearly twenty associations animate student life at our school. Every year, in May, the Bourse aux Talents is a great show, organized by the students, where everyone lets their artistic talents shine. Many disciplines are indeed represented within the school to satisfy artists and sportsmen:


School life



The BDE is at the centre of student life. It proposes parties, aperitifs, makes the link between the associations and reinforces the cohesion of the EBIsts by organizing inter-promos events, trips....


DZT - P31



The GALA association federates a team around the organization of the end of year gala. A chic and colourful event with inspiring themes, awaited by both students and all EBI members.



The BDA offers to develop your creativity: drawing, photography and even sewing! Discovery workshops, cultural outings and many activities to bring out the artist in you!


To see life in pink, singers, musicians, sound & mix lovers meet in all simplicity with the style of each one. On the program: concerts, rehearsals, playlists, culture & good vibes.



Art Scène'Hic is the theatre association which concocts an annual performance, whatever the level, thanks to improvisation activities and rehearsal sessions with multiple & colourful characters.



The Bureau Des Sports brings together students around sports: basketball, rugby, swimming, tennis, dance and cheerleading. Fifteen disciplines are offered to meet, keep fit and challenge yourself.


Trips is an association of highly motivated students who are responsible for organizing a ski trip during the winter holidays. A 100% EBIste trip that combines skiing, parties, raclette & good mood.


To conclude the course in beauty and celebrate the end of the studies, the DZT composed of final year students organizes animations & events until the Graduation evening.


Flyin'Boat is for sailing enthusiasts who are preparing for a nautical and land-based competition where major international schools compete against each other: fighting spirit, solidarity and team spirit are at the heart of the EDHEC race!



Through wines, sparkling wines and others, BACCHUS proposes to discover the flavours of the French wine heritage. Over a glass, tastings allow you to experiment and perfect your palate!


To have fun around escape games, werewolves and board games with friends or with new encounters, Newbi offers escape sessions with decorations, atmosphere and good mood.


Hopeful is the humanitarian association of the EBI. This organization is open to any EBIste ready to act in the field of social, health, environment. Everyone can do something for the world.



The essence of PQPM, which is part of the Cordées de la Réussite, is to help high school students to speak out, to find their bearings and to help them gain confidence in order to encourage them to pursue higher studies.

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