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Integrated preparatory cycle

Accessible directly after the Baccalauréat, the EBI’s pre-preparatory engineering cycle aims at acquiring autonomy and learning the fundamentals. Students take their first steps into higher education and acquire a working method that will serve them throughout their studies and even beyond in their future professional careers.

1st year of the integrated preparatory biology cycle

The first year in the integrated preparatory class will allow students to learn new working methods and to deepen their knowledge of biology, as well as mathematics, physics and chemistry. L’application directe des cours se fait avec les travaux dirigés et pratiques en groupe de 20 à 25 ENG.

The opening courses begin in the second semester. Finally, the very first project is carried out as part of the Management and Leadership course.


Semester 1

  • Analysis
  • Thermodynamic**
  • General chemistry
  • Cell Biology & Mendelian Genetics
  • Logic and programming
  • IT: TTX**
  • English
  • Individual sport

Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, TOEFL/IELTS
Team project course

Semester 2

  • Algebra and geometry
  • Mechanics and optics
  • Structural biochemistry
  • Ecosystem chemistry and biology
  • Initiation to work organization and leadership
  • Written expression techniques
  • English
  • Individual sport
  • Modern Language 2** (French)
  • Staying abroad

Annual calendar

from September to June
1st year
Installation of scientific pillars
from June to August
International stay
1 month
Equivalence of L1 Biology with CY University



Back to school staggered

Don't lose a year and join the EBI in the 1st preparatory year, from February 2022. To apply, you must hold a French Bac Général in 2021, with two scientific specialities (Maths, Physics-Chemistry, SVT, NSI or SI) or a Bac STL in 2021 or a French Bac S in 2020. The application is entirely online through the Puissance Alpha competition. The study of the file is then followed by an interview, if the required level is reached.


Opening up to the international market

During the first summer, the students go all over the world to do their international discovery trip. They carefully write and illustrate a notebook of amazement, then prepare, in English, a presentation designed to distinguish and share a remarkable cultural difference with their class


#EBIste words

What I like most about my current course is the variety of subjects taught. There is a real versatility that opens our mind to different subjects and is not restricted essentially to biology

Jessica SAAB, graduated in 2024
Admissions MARPC

2nd year of the integrated preparatory biology cycle

During this second year, the scientific bases are consolidated through applications on complex subjects: microbiology, molecular biology and genome analysis. The projects are more and more ambitious and the pedagogy strongly solicits creativity and commitment: smart movie festival in English, scientific film festival in fluid mechanics, posters in mechanics…


Semester 3

  • Analysis and applications
  • Fluid Mechanics** (1)
  • Mathematics workshop
  • Enzymology and chemical kinetics
  • Metabolic biochemistry
  • Microbiology and parasitology
  • Oral expression techniques
  • English
  • Team sport
  • Modern language 2* (French)

Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, TOEFL/IELTS
Team project course

Semester 4

  • Probability and statistics
  • Electromagnetism and waves
  • Algorithm and C language
  • Biophysics
  • Molecular biology
  • Organic chemistry
  • English
  • Team sport
  • Modern language 2* (French)
  • Mandatory internship

Annual calendar

from September to June
2nd year
Deepening of knowledge and practical application in research
from June to August
Operator or technician internship 1 to 3 months
Equivalence of L2 in Biology with CY University



Community life

The associative life is in full swing at EBI: its great diversity offers everyone the opportunity to find their place, to develop their creative potential and to live a project as a team. EBI is strong of 18 associations, so many possibilities to share or discover talents and to grow with new responsibilities.


Openness to business

This second year also includes the first internship in a company, which allows students to work in an organization to analyze its vision and the organization of its human resources. All the knowledge acquired is mobilized to contribute to a scientific objective and to be able to present a defense in front of a professor specializing in the field, at the beginning of the following school year.


#EBIste words

The preparatory cycle seems complicated because of the subjects required and indeed it requires work, but what I appreciate is the mutual support that exists in a class. The students don't let themselves get into trouble and neither do the teachers.

Camille TRILLON, graduated in 2024