École des Bio-Industries


Internships and work experience

The EBI prepares its students for the professional world by offering internships on all the biology school’s courses, thanks to its solid network of partners. To date, more than 4,500 companies and organizations have hosted at least one EBIste on an internship or work-study program.

Significant periods dedicated to practical application

Our Biology engineering students complete an average of 13 months of internships, and 5 months abroad. Students who choose to follow their 5th year under a professionalization contract spend 9 months in companies. Bachelors accumulate 9 and a half months of field experience.

International internships

Opportunities to travel the world, to discover new cultures, new ways of life, and to compare our working methods with those of other countries


Minimum1 month stay during the first year of schooling, validated by a report and a presentation in English.

engineer's course

  • Minimumstay of 1 month, validated by a report and a presentation in English
  • Internship of 2 to 6 months between the end of the 3rd year and graduation, validated by an internship report and a defense.

Internships as a springboard to employment

Opportunities to develop a good understanding of the professions in a very concrete way, to put one's knowledge into practice, to acquire the working methods of professionals, to train oneself to adapt.


  • 2nd year: compulsory internship, 4 months from November to February, operator/technician level
  • 3rd year: compulsory internship, 5 and a half months from February to September, technician level


  • 1st year: optional summer internship of 1 to 3 months, operator / technician level
  • 2nd year: compulsory internship of 2 to 3 months in the summer, operator/technician level
  • 3rd year: compulsory internship of 1 to 3 months in the summer, research careers
  • 4th year: optional 1 to 3 month summer internship, contribution to an engineering project
  • 5th year: end-of-studies internship, 6 months from February to August, management of an engineering-level project with an impact on the company



End-of-studies internships Biology engineering course

During the engineering cycle, from the 4th to the 5th year, students are challenged through high value-added internships, whose strategic missions contribute to change within the host structures. The 5th year internship, the final academic stage, allows the student to develop the Major project. It often turns into a first job opportunity.


Professionalization contract

5th-year engineering students and 3rd-year bachelors can opt for a professionalization contract. They then alternate classes and periods in companies for longer projects of up to 9 months. From September to January, the weekly rhythm is 3 days of classes and 2 days in the field. From February to August, it is a full-time job in a company.


Search for internships / work experience

Students benefit from the employment services of the EBI Career Center to help them find internships and work-study programs: EBIJobs platform, Millionroads solution to decipher career paths, career management modules from the 2nd year, annual EBIconnect® company forum, administrative support for the formalization of agreements, support from the Alumni network.


Degree obtained

8 months of internship required for the Bachelor's degree, 10 months minimum for the engineering degree.

#EBIste words

I did my internship in Research & Development at the start-up Enalees, whose goal is to create molecular tests for pets, accessible to veterinarians. During my first month, I became familiar with the laboratory, the people in the company, the management and the molecular biology technology. I soon had my own projects to carry out, in complete autonomy. This experience required a total investment on my part. Before the end of my internship, my supervisor offered me to join the company on a permanent basis. I accepted without hesitation.

Alban Lacaze, 2017 graduate