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Course 2 Bachelor Biotech Engineering: Methods and prevention

The methods technician provides the link between the design office and the workshop. He is in charge of optimizing the various works by including all the parameters: regulatory standards, quality, costs and deadlines. It ensures sustainable management (QHSE) in industry with strong regulatory constraints in the chemical and biological sectors, taking into account the challenges of protecting human health and the environment.

A solid training

The Bachelor Biotech Engineering is based on a solid theoretical training but also practical with the TPs and the projects. Two internships consolidate the knowledge acquired through professional practice, for a total of 10 months. They can be carried out at national or international level, without obligation for the international. A dissertation and a presentation to a jury validate each course. An international stay of 1 month is required during the summer following the 1st year, with the writing of an astonishment report.

Semesters 1 and 2

They cover the basic fundamentals that are essential in terms of pre-requisites for access to the Methods and Prevention course

Fundamental courses

  • Biology,
  • Chemistry and biochemistry
  • Mathematics,
  • Physics,
  • IT,
  • Company knowledge
  • Languages ​​and international

Semesters 3, 4 and 5

They are devoted to the acquisition of professional skills and know-how, for a total of 90 ECTS

Specific lessons

  • Quality management system
  • Risk Management
  • Continuous improvement
  • Labour law and social protection
  • Safety training
  • ISO45001 OHSAS 18001 certifications
  • Environmental standards and certification
  • Regulation of environmental protection
  • Industrial waste management
  • 4 month internship

Annual calendar

from September to August
Common core
from September to August
1st and 2nd year
from September to January
from February to July
Internship at the end of my school program
3rd year




The tutoring of students by the teacher in charge of the course facilitates exchanges and the definition of the student's professional project. Support for new working methods, monitoring of level, choice of courses... are discussed during tutoring meetings.


Babel Center

With 7 language courses (German, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese), the Babel centre offers a wide range of second languages. The teachers teach in their native language, for a better approach. Each student will have to attend a minimum of 2 semesters of the Babel Center.


Methods Technician

He is the link between the design office and the workshop to optimize the methods:
- By integrating quality, regulation, safety, environment, costs and deadlines, it guarantees safety, harmlessness and standards
- It deploys quality management tools in the field
- It ensures the control of biological, chemical and physical risks
- He follows the batch files and contributes to the industrial qualification


Degree obtained

The Biotech Engineering Bachelor degree gives rise to the Bachelor Degree