École des Bio-Industries


Paying the apprenticeship tax

Your support for our School of Biology is invaluable. With your payment, you actively contribute to the quality of education and to the professional success of EBIsts.

For which actions?

Leader in the training of engineers and managers for all bio-industries, the EBI innovates and undertakes to prepare its future engineers and bachelors graduates for today’s challenges. Our school of biology anchors its participatory governance based on collective and societal intelligence and develops its expertise with its partners to co-develop research projects: scientific and pedagogical collaborations, technological platforms and creative spaces, parity and diversity, work-study, entrepreneurship and innovation.


Did you know that?

Since 2020, the “Loi Avenir Professionnel” (Professional Future Law) has changed the methods of payment of the Taxe d’Apprentissage (Apprenticeship Tax). The rate of the Apprenticeship Tax remains unchanged (0.68% of the payroll) but it now includes a fraction intended for the financing of apprenticeship (87%) paid to your OPCO, and a fraction paid to the establishments of your choice (balance of 13%). Thus, the EBI can directly collect the 13% of the new scale.


In practice

It is very simple! To support the EBI, simply transfer your balance or send us a cheque and fill in the form before 31 May 2022. Upon receipt, we will send you a receipt in full discharge of your payment.

Payment slip for the balance of the apprenticeship tax