École des Bio-Industries

make a commitment

The values and commitments of the EBI

As a leading biology engineering school, the EBI is a committed school with strong values. Its commitments are diverse and concern sustainable development, quality,gender equality and art awareness. These commitments are reflected in the values promoted by the school.

The 7 values of EBI

The EBI promotes these 7 values on a daily basis to its students, teachers and partners:

  • Commitment,
  • creativity,
  • optimism,
  • honesty,
  • cooperation,
  • trust
  • and responsibility.
"A personal, intercultural and emotional dimension"

Quality policy

Quality management is a strong point, on which we have capitalized and continued to innovate. The EBI approach is designed as a tool for participative management. It allows the awareness of each actor in the overall process. The school has been certified ISO9001 by Bureau Veritas Certification since 2010, with certification covering all its activities since 2013.


DD&RS Labeling

On June 13, 2019, EBI was awarded the DD&RS Label, Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility. This 4-year label validates the quality of the actions already carried out and the organizational tools deployed in the field of SD&RS.
This label recognizes the commitment of institutions to sustainable development and social responsibility on the basis of a common reference framework (SD&RS Reference Framework for the CPU CGE).


Gender Equality Index

The Equality Index has been designed as a simple, practical tool for advancing gender equality within the company. For 2023, the Index cannot be calculated >>> https://egapro.travail.gouv.fr/index-egapro/recherche?query=388591638


An artistic will

Developing artistic sensitivity and encouraging creativity are integral parts of the curriculum at EBI. One or two exhibitions per year on campus as well as the music studio promote the arts to students.