École des Bio-Industries


EBInnov® Galenics

Formulation, industrial optimisation and modelling of efficacy and acceptability of cosmetic and pharmaceutical forms

Efficiency, safety and sensoriality

EBInnov® Galenics contributes to the development of innovative products for health and well-being, with the conviction that sensoriality plays a considerable part in the success of an innovation, in addition to the requirements of effectiveness and safety expected by the consumer. Its expertise has been proven for more than 20 years in this field, in particular thanks to its sensory panel of trained experts, an international reference for the evaluation of non-food cosmetic and pharmaceutical products

Key expertise : formulation, semi-solid, experimental design, ingredients, pediatrics, cosmetics, sensory, emotion, acceptability, compliance.

Sourcing of ingredients

Research into new sources of active ingredients to improve the effectiveness, stability and sensoriality of emulsions, suspensions, gels, etc.

Formulation, design

Development of products combining traditional design technologies and mathematical modelling, in order to efficiently reach technical and sensory targets.

New protocols

Design of sensory and acceptability methods especially for topical and oral applications; to ensure compliance or preference of a product.

Key projects

EBISilc®: development of a process for the synthesis of organosilicate particles with adjustable amphiphilicity

Ingretech: formulation of semi-solids to improve performance and stability

Pediataste: development of sensory studies for the acceptability of pediatric drugs

Predisens: development of a product design methodology with instrumental and sensory specifications

EDCTP Partnership

EBInnov® is part of the international research program
“(European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership), which aims to develop new drug forms of primaquine, a major antimalarial treatment. The aim is to mask the bitterness of primaquine and thus improve its acceptability to children. For this project, the EBInnov® Galenics team defines a methodology for flavour screening using its Sensory Analysis Panel.