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Design and Development Major

This major in the engineering cycle provides the skills needed to formulate consumer products in the laboratory: mixing reagents and molecules, assessing appearance, fragrance, color, texture and taste. The goal is to create a product that is both useful and enjoyable for the consumer.

Semesters 8 and 9

During these two semesters, the student-engineers will learn to :

  • Organize, implement, optimize and supervise product design, improve existing products
  • Ensure a technological and competitive watch in order to be in phase with the market
  • Take into account user needs and technical constraints to propose new concepts and products
  • Ensure the follow-up of projects until the industrialization phase


Student engineers take 3 courses in their major in addition to the language courses

Semester 8

  • Sensory quality and product development**.
  • Knowledge and choice of raw materials
  • Polymer Chemistry and Formulation
  • Accounting
  • English
  • Modern language 2* (French)

Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, French, TOEFL/IELTS
Team project course

Semester 9

  • Material-Product Interaction
  • Reasoned formulation
  • Design methods and tools** (in French)
  • English
  • Modern language 2* (French)

Choice of minors

To enhance their experience and skills, engineering students may freely choose 4 to 10 elective courses from the programs of other majors or from the free program of the following minors:

Semester 8

  • Initiation to cosmetics
  • Food science** (in French only)
  • Health Nutrition
  • Sales techniques
  • Applied bio-production
  • Communication and animation

Semester 9

  • Entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Sector marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Medical devices
  • Introduction to Industrial Galenics
  • Food safety** (1)
  • Carbon footprint
  • Eco-toxicology
  • Wastewater and drinking water treatment
  • Bio-remediation of soils and methanization of waste
  • Labour and corporate law
  • Advanced modelling

Annual calendar

from February to June
Semester 8
Business specialization
from June to August
Optional internship
from September to January
Semester 9
Business specialization
from February to August
End of study engineering internship



Introduction to Galenics

The objective of this minor is to improve the readability of the galenic development process and to place it in the overall drug development schedule.
It also sheds light on the various formulation techniques used, particularly solid forms, by addressing granulation, compression and coating through lectures and practical work.


Internship at the end of my school program

During their engineering cycle, from 4th to 5th year, engineering students are challenged by high value-added internships, contributing to change within the company. Depending on the company's needs, the end-of-studies engineering internship can be integrated into a professionalization contract of up to 9 months.
Students travel the world through their international internship for a period of 2 to 6 months.


Further studies

After graduating from EBI, young engineers have several options: enter the professional world or continue their studies.
They can go on to a doctorate, complete their profile with a 3rd cycle at a business or engineering school, or take the "Patent and Industrial Property" course.


Main job opportunities

- Research and Product Development Engineer
- Sensory engineer
- Packaging Engineer


Product Development Engineer

It ensures the design of new products or the improvement of existing products in the laboratory. As a support for innovation, it keeps a technological and competitive watch in order to be always in phase with the market. Its know-how combining user needs and constraints
techniques allows him to propose new concepts. It defines the parameters to be studied and the
different methods of analysis of new formulas with the teams he supervises. It is present until the industrialization phase. His main contacts are the marketing teams, the project manager, the engineers at the production sites and those responsible for efficiency and safety studies.


Degree obtained

At the end of their specialization, the EBI engineering students who have validated all the required criteria, obtain the engineering diploma of the School of Industrial Biology, accredited by the CTI, Master's degree and recognized by the State.

#EBIste words

In the Design and Development major, what I appreciate the most is to concretize the knowledge obtained during the years in the integrated biology preparatory cycle in order to apply it in the engineering cycle. Many projects help to anticipate what is expected in a company, but also to work in groups on what is really important. Being able to choose minors from other majors also helps to develop curiosity and learn more.

Manon MESTRE, graduated in 2022