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The Parcoursup project as seen by EBI

For each wish formulated & confirmed on Parcoursup, the candidate must write a “projet de formation motivé” which represents his/her motivation for the planned course. In the context of the Puissance Alpha competition, this motivated project is unique and common to all the schools in your wish list.

Puissance Alpha invites applicants to personalize their motivational project… Of course they apply to several schools, but they might as well make it clear which schools they’re interested in and why.

This motivated project reflects the relevance of the student’s choice, and the way in which he or she has understood the course and its prospects. Valérie Lion, Professor of Chemistry at EBI, points out that “it’s a mistake to think that he’s not involved in the bid” in her interview with Le Parisien, and stresses that “It’s important for us to see the student’s commitment to various other causes, whether they’re on the street or helping fellow students with their homework, for example. So, a summer job, a hobby, an internship or volunteer work related to the training you’re hoping to get is useful to include in your motivational project”. It’s also a good idea to add your participation in school events such as open days, discovery days and so on.

At EBI, it is customary for all candidates to have their projects read out. A group of 4 to 6 people spends a week anonymously reading their projects. The grade given to the project is an integral part of the “schools” grade, and may therefore slightly modify the final ranking in Parcoursup and the order of appeal for the admissions phase.

Read the article in Le Parisien.fr on this topic, with an interview with Valérie Lion, a teacher-researcher at EBI.

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