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Alpha Power: what’s new in 2024

  • New admissions procedures for Concours Post-Bac

Puissance Alpha is continuing its drive to enhance the value of candidates’ regular work and continuous assessment, with one watchword: simplification. The 2024 edition of the Concours will therefore see the admissions procedures evolve towards a single procedure and written tests for all post-baccalaureate profiles (2 sciences, 1 science and techno).

There are several steps to becoming an engineer in 2024:

1 Parcoursup wish

1 mark (50% file study and 50% written test marks) per school, followed by an admission bar to maintain personalized grading.

1 single examination day at 60 examination centers throughout France.

EBI makes it a point of honor to read all motivated projects submitted by candidates for the Puissance Alpha post-bac competition, whatever their profile.

Find out more about the Puissance Alpha competition

How to prepare

  • A 19th school joins the Competition, adding to EBI’s range of biology and biotechnology courses
  • Reaffirmed values, a renewed signature

For 2024, Alpha Power has a new signature: “Alpha Power, we invest everything, for you”. This new signature is the sign of a shared vision and values, and highlights the EESPIG and not-for-profit nature of EBI. Like other schools, EBI devotes 100% of its resources and means to training students and future engineers.

  • The widest choice of bachelor’s degrees in a single package

EBI offers a Bachelor Biotech Engineering program specializing in biology-biochemistry-biotechnology, which has been recognized as a bachelor’s degree for 3 years now.

  • A single procedure for reorientation

EBI offers several start dates, including the staggered start date of January 2024, via Admissions Rebond.