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Research Day: Graduation projects 2024

At EBI, students are trained by and for research. Throughout the Bachelor’s and Engineering programs, they discover the experimental approach through practical work. At the end of the cycle, whatever their chosen specialization, they work in teams for a semester on a research problem. As at conferences, they present their work to a jury of professionals.

A look back at the 2024 edition, held on January 19 on the EBI campus.

This year, project-based learning was in the spotlight, with an ever-increasing number of corporate case studies.

On the morning program:

  • Research Day Awards: 42 posters in various fields of bio-industry (bioprocesses, bioactivities, formulation, continuous improvement, market knowledge)
  • Round table :EBIsts at the service of Research
  • Networking and discovery of technology platforms

Activities included pitch sequences, question and answer sessions with the 58 juries of industrial and academic professionals, laboratory visits and alumni testimonials from Fabrice Ruiz(ClinSearch), Marie Braun (Le Catalyst), Jules Delassalle (Université de Rouen), Sophie HAMELIN (L’Oréal), Antoine Hivert (INSERM) and Stéphanie Philippe(FRS Consulting).

Congratulations to the 6 winning project teams, who will have the opportunity to compete at Confère, the Colloque des Sciences de la Conception et de l’Innovation :
Bioprocesses : production ofectoin from biogas in pilot bubble column bioreactors
Formulation & Ingredients : biosourced emollients to replace silicone oil, optimization of oil phase ratio
Bio-activities/interactions: in silico and experimental analysis of the interaction between a biomimetic fibronectin motif and type I collagen
Continuous improvement: reduction of negative customer feedback on jacket zips, optimization of waste management in a college canteen
Market knowledge : how packaging color and shape influence brand perception.