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Research day majeure conception

Research Day PFE winners

The Research Day Projet de Fin d’Etudes is the culmination of months of research work by our 5th year engineering students. It’s an opportunity for them to present their final-year projects to a jury of over 50 industrial and academic partners, in front of a poster and in just 3 minutes!


  • Research and Application Major: Project “interaction of a biomimetic fibronectin motif with collagen T1, bioinformatics simulation and structural analysis”.
  • Design and Development major : Project: “Optimizing the performance of cosmetic ingredients for the development of a blush stick”.
  • Processes and Production major: Project “Optimization and adaptation of a process for the extraction and characterization of astaxanthin using green solvents”.
  • Quality and Regulation major: “Reducing the variability of yogurt weight” project
  • Marketing and Management major : Intelligent packaging to improve food safety and reduce waste” project


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Groups from the Research, Design and Processes majors will be presenting their projects at Confere 2023, the 30th Science of Design and Innovation conference, in Genoa (Italy) in July.