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Ecotrophelia 2024 competition

Created in 2000, the Ecotrophelia competition is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Having become European in 2008, this demanding competition has established itself as a major vector for innovation in the agri-food sector, highlighting the excellence of the participants’ academic and technical training.

EBI has a long-standing partnership with Ecotrophelia, having joined the competition some ten years ago. This partnership enables EBI to play an active role in the competition and to contribute as a member of the jury, as demonstrated by the participation of Dr Sylvia Imbart, Head of Laboratories, on the jury last year, an opportunity that would otherwise be unavailable.

Winning project: GNOC’FISH

After a three-year break due to the high standards of the competition, this year EBI is proud to announce the victory of the Pescket group made up of Cassandra Martin, Fanny Mialane, Solène Moreau, Juliette Trolliet and Aline Wiedmann with their GNOC’FISH project in the Ecotrophelia competition. This innovative fish gnocchi won over the jury with its creativity, quality and sustainability, the result of a fruitful collaboration between students and teachers.

This victory is the fruit of several months’ hard work in their fourth-year marketing course with Laurence Taupin, Marketing Professor and Entrepreneurial Referent. This group has not only developed an innovative concept, but has also designed prototypes, considered eco-design of products, created attractive packaging and implemented comprehensive marketing strategies.

Throughout the year, the EBI’s teachers accompanied and coached this group as they took part in the competition:

  • Concept development: for five months, students work on a food innovation which they present at the Challenge Concepts Entrepreneuriat in January.
  • Participation in the Ecotrophelia competition: starting in February, students can take part in the Ecotrophelia competition on a voluntary basis. During the five months leading up to the competition, they receive support from teachers specializing in marketing, food science, quality and industrial processes, to help them perfect their innovation and meet the competition’s requirements.
  • Coaching and preparation: groups receive intensive coaching to refine their concept, develop marketing strategies and prepare professional presentations for the competition.
  • Prototyping and eco-design: students have access to the school’s laboratories to create their prototypes. They are guided by the laboratory manager to ensure that their products are not only innovative but also sustainable.

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