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A highlight at the end of the year, 5 evenings or rather 5 meetings dedicated to the choice of majors took place with the participation of 16 alumni. Each of them in turn shared his or her background and experience to help our engineering students project themselves into their future professional lives.

Design & Development major

The Design and Development Major aims to prepare EBists to think and create tomorrow’s sustainable innovations in all areas of bio-industry, with testimonials from Camille Barbier P27 and Constance Pageot P27.

Marketing & Management major

The marketing and sales professions were in the spotlight with Marie Braun P24 and Virginie Torrenti P12. Marketing is at the heart of corporate strategy, listening to the needs & expectations of customers & markets to deliver the right product to the right place at the right time. EBIsts play the card of dual scientific and commercial skills, highly appreciated by the bio-industry.

Process & Production Major

Process and Production professions were in the spotlight to design, manage, control, optimize and evaluate production processes in the bio-industry. Our alumni Virginie Cunier P13, Thibaut Dempton P19 and Davida Dofara P28 presented their backgrounds and their enthusiasm when they talk about their field missions, where human relations are key.

Quality & Regulation Major

The Quality and Regulatory professions were in the spotlight, with the aim of achieving excellence, performance, continuous improvement… “zero defects” at every level of the organization. Our alumni Océane André P28, Charlotte Caleiras P15, Marine Chabrier P21, Antoine Chavanne P24, Marie Ponsoye P20, and Eugénie Verlet P22 presented their career paths and recommendations to the youngest EBIstes! Quality is above all a problem-solving and decision-making mindset, at all times, for all subjects.

Research & Application Major
The Research and Application Major’s professions were showcased in all their diversity: Researcher, R&D Engineer and Project Manager, Patent Engineer, Valorisation Manager, Innovation and Financing Consultant, Business Engineer… Our alumni Amélie Théodat P25, Violaine Loubens P18, Stéphanie Philippe P8 presented their testimonials and their enthusiasm when they talk about their professions and highlight the openness of the courses they received at EBI!