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  • The Research of our Labs :

    18 Publications / 32 Contracts Research and Expertise / 4 Scientific Days / 1 Colloquium

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  • 3 robust pillars of competence :

    Industrial Biology / Industrial Engineering / Innovation and Management

Practical information


EBI offers a selection of internship opportunities EBInnov®, the EBI Research & Development laboratory for international stu

French as a Foreign Language

We do not organise French courses at EBI.  Some students go to the Alliance Française in Paris before starting courses with us.

Living Near Paris

Cergy is situated just 40 min from Paris via the RER (suburban train) which

EBI MSc english presentation

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Poles and Thematic Research


The laboratory EBInnov and four research poles for 10 activities of R&D to the service of innovation.


Research at the School of Industrial Biology combines science versatility to focus on the areas of Bio-industries and the environment. The EBI wants to find ways to have effective answers to a number of industrial and environmental issues.