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Reception at EBI

The EBI aims to be one of the most welcoming biology engineering schools. The reception of our international students is done with the international manager of the EBI, the teaching staff and an association of EBIsts. Everything is done to facilitate the procedures in France, and to feel comfortable in the school.


The BDExpats is an association of students who welcome our young expatriates. As soon as the exchange is accepted, they become the designated correspondents and answer all questions by e-mail. They welcome you at the airport, on the day of your arrival in France and then act as your buddies throughout the semester during the courses.

International Service

The international department ensures that international students are given the best possible welcome. For the academic part, the international manager helps in the choice of courses and remains the referent at EBI.


Each international student has an assigned EBIste buddy who will facilitate all exchanges. The EBIstes organize visits to Paris and Cergy, cultural visits, and help in finding accommodation. Everything is done for a quick integration in the school.


The Babel Centre groups together all the foreign language courses given at the EBI. Every week, French as a Foreign Language (FLE) classes are taken by international students. Some of the scientific courses in the engineering cycle are in English, and examination conditions are facilitated for our international students.