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in cosmetics 2023

In Cosmetics 2023

EBI was present at the In Cosmetics 2023 trade show, held in Barcelona from March 28 to 30, 2023. 3 days to discover EBInnov® expertise, from ingredient research to risk control: biosourcing, formulation, eco-design, biotechnology, instrumental & sensory characterization, microbiological evaluation, process optimization, scaling-up…

in cosmetics 2023 in cosmetics 2023 in cosmetics 2023 in cosmetics 2023

EBI proposed introductory courses in sensory evaluation with the EBITouch® reference system, and our leader panels! Experts trained to assess the perception of textures, smells and tastes, happy to share their knowledge with visitors. On the program for this 2023 edition: an introduction to the sensory evaluation of textures.

in cosmetics 2023 in cosmetics 2023

We also met up with our alumni for a drink and a chat on the Cosmetic Valley stand. Story time, life moments, news, opportunities: a wealth of inspiring topics!