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EBI says YES to Cramif

Cramif is continuing its work to raise awareness and support students in higher education, enabling them to acquire an OHS (occupational health and safety) culture, with a focus on psychosocial risks.

INRS and the Assurance Maladie – Risques professionnels network (Cnam, Carsat, Cramif and CGSS) have drawn up two reference documents detailing the fundamental skills in occupational health and safety for future higher education graduates:

  • the BESST (Bases Essentiels en Santé et Sécurité au Travail) reference system for engineering schools
  • BMST (Management and Occupational Health Basics) for business and management schools.

By integrating these skills into their training, future engineers are better prepared to integrate occupational health and safety into their work as coordinators, project leaders or managers. They can then promote and guarantee safer, healthier working environments.

Since the start of the 2023-2024 academic year, Cramif has been offering schools a new way of raising their students’ awareness of psychosocial risks by bringing in a filmmaker: Bojana Momirovic.

Students can watch her short film “La mission”, which deals with harassment in the workplace, and then debate the subject with the director and Vincent Oudard – Cramif’s Higher Education correspondent. Isabelle Ballot – coordinator of the team of occupational psychologists at Ostra (occupational health and prevention service) also spoke.

As part of its industrial risk management course, EBI responded favorably to CRAMIF’s call to raise awareness of psychosocial risks among engineering and MS RSE-QHSE students, thanks to their teacher-researcher, Dr Rabah Azouani .

From left to right: Isabelle Ballot – coordinator of the team of occupational psychologists at Ostra; Bojana Momirovic – director; Vincent Oudard – Cramif Higher Education correspondent and Rabah Azouani – manager & innovation scientist in process engineering EBI

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