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Campus Day 2024

A look back at Campus Day 2024 which took place on Thursday April 4 at the Maradas sports complex in Cergy, bringing together all the athletes and supporters of all promotions.

The EBI was involved in all sports: athletics, basketball, ultimate, football, handball, swimming, cheerleading, rugby 7, Bike Kayak relay run and volleyball.

The EBI stood out:

  • in men’s rugby by winning 3rd place (against strong teams such as ILEPS and HOLISTEA),
  • in swimming, arriving in 3rd place in the team rankings

To end this day of competition, the Pompoms unveiled their show in front of all the students on the Cergy campus and won second place in the competition.

Throughout the day, the EBI players were present throughout the complex to encourage all the athletes. The organization was designed so that everyone felt pushed and encouraged. A big thank you to the supporters who came to make this day memorable.

Congratulations to our athletes who stood out after months of training and thank you to our supporters!

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