École des Bio-Industries



The EBI seeks to awaken a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among EBIsts: awareness-raising actions, training, projects, promotion of the National Student Entrepreneur Status. This strategy allows the EBI to be a recognized biology school in student innovation competitions. Competitions are indeed very professionalizing and formative for future entrepreneurs.

More than 70 projects created every year by our engineering students

EBI’s pedagogy encourages the emergence of innovative projects throughout the curriculum, capitalizing on the acquisition of technical, project management and management skills. Students experience entrepreneurship in the 4th year through a program that addresses all aspects of business creation. In particular, they are made aware of industrial property. This strategy is bearing fruit: more than 2% of EBIsts have created their own business, twice the national average.



Gluten-free fresh pasta made from fruit flour (banana, plantain, chestnut and apple) stuffed with tomatoes and mozzarella: in 2021, it will be the number 1 Ile de France nugget, number 2 Coop2Boost and an Ecotrophélia finalist.



Eco-responsible road salt produced from agro-industrial waste, used as an alternative to road salt: Enactus 2021 finalist.