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Back to school staggered

EBI offers 2 of its post-Baccalaureate programs in a staggered start: its Prépa Intégrée Ingénieur and its Bachelor in Biology. They are open from February to any student holding a general baccalaureate with a scientific bent.

Don't lose 1 year: reorient yourself in February!

EBI is offering 1st year places at the start of the new academic year in February 2022. Two courses are available: Prépa Intégrée Ingénieur and Bachelor Biotech Engineering. These programs are designed to enable students who so wish to reorient themselves during the year, without waiting for the start of the new academic year in September. They then follow an adapted program that enables them to follow the same curriculum as the students who returned in September, within 6 months. In this way, they resume a normal cycle at the start of the following September, integrating 2nd year classes without having lost 1 year.


Integrated engineering prep

This is the first year of the engineering pathway. The aim is to discover new working methods and deepen knowledge of biology, as well as mathematics, physics and chemistry. Direct application of the courses takes place through tutorials and practical work in small groups.

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Bachelor of Biology

It is also possible to enter the 1st year of the Bachelor Biotech Engineering program with a staggered start date. Completed in 3 years, this Bachelor’s degree trains highly qualified technicians to meet the needs of industrial biotechnology sectors. Conferring a Bachelor’s degree at Bac+3, the EBI Bachelor’s offers 3 different specializations from the 2nd year: industrial production, methods & prevention and diagnostics & bioinformatics.

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Application for a delayed start to the academic year Integrated preparatory course

Target audience :

These programs are aimed at holders of a French Bac Général (or Bac S), with two scientific specialties (Maths, Physics-Chemistry, SVT, NSI or SI) or a Bac STL.


  • Integrated preparation :

The application process is entirely online, via the Puissance Alpha Concours spécial Rentrée Décalée. Admission is by application. The school may ask you to take part in an oral interview if it deems this necessary.

  • Bachelor :

You can apply directly to EBI, by filling in the online application form available here: online application Bachelor rentrée décalée. Admission is based on a dossier review, during which the EBI looks at your first and final year report cards, your baccalaureate grades, your grades in higher education (if you have any) and your motivation project.


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